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What is Whop.com?

Whop.com is a hosted ecommerce platform for entrepreneurs and creators that want to sell digital products online, without the hassle of setting up their own store or payments system.

When was Whop created?

Whop was founded in March 2021 by Steven Schwartz, Cameron Zoub and Jack Sharkey.

Whop Review

Whop.com is an innovative, all-in-one ecommerce platform designed to cater specifically to the digital marketplace. More than just a platform, it is an entire ecosystem that enables entrepreneurs to build, grow, and manage their businesses efficiently and effectively. From offering an impressive range of selling possibilities to providing comprehensive backend management, Whop.com is revolutionizing the ecommerce experience for the digital world. Let’s explore what makes Whop.com a standout platform.

Quick and Easy to Start

With Whop.com, merchants can start selling their digital products in under 10 minutes. The platform aims to reduce the barriers to entry for the next generation of internet entrepreneurs, making the entire setup process straightforward and fast.

Impressive Growth Metrics

Whop.com has become a trusted platform for over 2,000 sellers, boasting an impressive $100 million in processed sales and almost 700,000 memberships sold. The platform has seen a 50% increase in total sales and a 28% increase in total revenue, indicating robust growth.

Diverse Selling Options

Whop.com truly stands out due to its wide range of integration capabilities, enabling sellers to monetize diverse digital products. Merchants can sell access to exclusive Discord or Telegram communities, online courses or programs, ChatGPT plugins, web apps, eBooks, templates, PDFs, images, and even software downloads. With Whop.com, the possibilities are endless.

Developer-First Approach

Whop.com’s easy-to-use API is designed by developers, for developers. By integrating Whop’s payment, membership, and fulfillment features into software with just a few lines of code, the platform fosters seamless organization and management. Moreover, Whop API is served in a JavaScript SDK, simplifying the development process.

Robust Business Management Tools

Beyond selling, Whop.com offers a robust array of business management tools. The platform includes a no-code page builder, one-click checkout, affiliates, customer retention strategies, and promotional features. Additionally, the platform helps save time and money with tools such as email automation, a dispute fighter, and dedicated customer support.

Global Payment Acceptance

Whop.com accepts payments from 135+ countries in national currencies as well as cryptocurrencies, making it an internationally viable platform. Integration with Stripe and Coinbase Commerce is smooth, allowing businesses to accept one-time and subscription crypto payments.

The Whop Marketplace

In addition to facilitating direct-to-customer sales, selling on Whop includes the option of being featured on their expansive marketplace, giving products further visibility and boosting sales. With over a million customers eager to explore new products, the marketplace is a vibrant space to grow a business.

Whop Pricing

Whop charge different fees depending on whether you need them to act as a Merchant of Record or not. You can find out more on their fees page here.

Where can I get Whop?

To start selling on Whop click below to find out more.

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
Very good17%
March 11, 2024

Support was really good, I had an issue but they answered quickly and were able to resolve the issue – told me where to go in my dashboard to fix the problem

December 31, 2023

Easy to set up, very low fees – good experience

September 10, 2023

I use Whop to sell my course, recommended. Great dashboard and stats.

August 26, 2023

Excellent platform and service, includes community access and affiliate program

August 5, 2023

Migrated our payments to Whop, haven’t looked back – cheaper fees and better service

July 27, 2023

Easy to use, had a checkout for my product set up in like 5 minutes


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