A list of the best ecommerce platforms. Choose a platform from the list below to read a review and information.

Big CartelHosted💲 Paid
BigCommerceHosted💲 Paid
EcwidHosted💲 Paid
EKMHosted💲 Paid
MagentoSelf-HostedOpen Source + 💲 Paid
NetSuite CommerceHosted💲 Paid
OpenCartSelf-HostedOpen Source
OsCommerceSelf-HostedOpen Source
PrestashopSelf-HostedOpen Source
Shift4ShopHosted💲 Paid
ShopifyHosted💲 Paid
SquarespaceHosted💲 Paid
VolusionSelf-Hosted💲 Paid
WeeblyHosted💲 Paid
WhopHosted💲 Paid
WixHosted💲 Paid
WooCommerceSelf-HostedOpen Source
X-CartHosted💲 Paid

The above chart compares the best ecommerce platforms – including information on whether a platform is hosted – ie cloud-based – or is self-hosted – meaning you can download and install the software on your own server.

The third column includes information on whether the software is primarily paid, or open-source/free.

Click through using the platform name to see information and a full review for each platform.

You can read customer reviews and leave your own review if you have an experience you wish to share, good or bad.

What to look for in an ecommerce platform?

The best ecommerce platform for you and your business depends on a lot of factors, but generally you should look for a platform: with good usability, reasonable pricing, and a good set of features that include the ability to do the kind of things you wanted with your site.

For example if you were thinking of building out an ecommerce site using a drop-shipping delivery model, you would want to make sure that whichever ecommerce platform you chose had excellent drop-shipping functionality – either natively or through a plugin/add-on service.